Chinese operatives ‘found a willing dupe’ in Daniel Andrews and his Labor government | Sky News Australia

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the Chinese Communist operatives “found a willing dupe in Daniel Andrews” and his Labor government in Victoria.

“They were prepared to sign up to the deals even though Canberra was against joining the Belt and Road,” he said.

“You know there is this little thing called the Constitution that says foreign relations, and external affairs are the business of the federal government.

“I’ve got to say, this stuff goes way beyond China. You won’t believe what other deals the states have gotten up to, or who with. A technical training deal between Victoria and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and a scientific cooperation protocol with Syria.

“Iran supports terrorism. It has nuclear ambitions. It threatens to eliminate Israel. It is one of the original axis of evil nations. And Victoria does a technical training deal? And Syria has been run by an evil dictator, Bashar al-Assad, for 20 years.”
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